Can I order a trailer from Canada if I'm in the US?

If you live in the northeastern United States, chances are that our Toronto manufacturing facility is your closest trailer pickup location. Fortunately you can order from this location, as our Canadian made trailers are legal in both Canada and the Unites States. Below are some common questions we receive concerning importing our trailers.

Are the trailers made in Canada different than those made in the US?

No. The Canadian trailers are built to the exact specifications of our US trailers.

Are there extra taxes or Customs fees?

While Canada does have different taxes then the US, since your trailer will be imported into the United States, you won’t be subject to any of them. There is however an additional customs fee of $145 when importing a trailer.

Does it take any longer to get a trailer from Canada?

No. The total time between placing your order and getting your trailer will be about the same or faster from Canada as from ordering one from the United States.

If I'm picking up the trailer, what do I need to cross the border?

You'll need:

  • Your Passport
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Customs Paperwork: We'll handle that for you
  • Bill of Sale: We'll send that to you
  • Certificate of Origin: We'll send that to you
  • License Plate: You'll get that in your home state with the bill of sale and certificate of origin

When crossing the border you will drive through the main entry as you normally would. You are considered to be ‘self importing’ your trailer and will provide all your documentation to the agent at the border.

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