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2 beds, 1 bath660 Sq Ft
Tiny House on a Foundation
Sleeping Loft
12 x 40 Graceland portable building made into mini home two bedroom with a storage Loft bathroom with giant bathtub full kitchen living room nice staircase to ...
1 bed, 1 bath240 Sq Ft
Tiny House on a Trailer
A lightly used tiny home for sale. Bright and airy. Lots of windows. New mini split AC/heater just installed. Bedroom is over the gooseneck so only two steps ...
1 bed, 1 bath185 Sq Ft
Tiny House on a Trailer
Sleeping Loft
Specs Year 2017 Weight Gross 10050# Axles 9080# Tongue Hitch 1060# Axle rating 6000# each, 12000# Height 13’-2” Width 8’-6” Length 25’ Hutchinson ...
2 beds, 1 bath240 Sq Ft
Tiny House on a Trailer
Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft, Deck
The raddest tiny house you'll find! It is custom built , Furnished and priced to sell! Perfect Size to easily move from place to place or with Features like ...
0 beds, 0 baths336 Sq Ft
Tiny House Shell on a Foundation
Covered Porch
12'x28' Deluxe Play House Perfect Beginning for a tiny house! Different sizes and options available! Call North's Services at (413) 499-3266 to find out more ...
1 bed, 1 bath250 Sq Ft
Converted Vehicle
The Mountain Bus is officially for sale! The bus has been converted into a beautiful tiny home full of character and functionality. The build out was started ...
1 bed, 1 bath200 Sq Ft
Converted Vehicle
School Bus Studio For Sale $35,000 Superb engine performance - drive it away! Since 2014, the bus has been continuously occupied as a home by family and ...
2 beds, 1 bath340 Sq Ft
Tiny House on a Trailer
Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft
Gorgeous and modern with some rustic elements. 2 LOFTS!!!! This beautiful 28 ft. tiny house was built on a triple axle bumper pull trailer (also custom built) ...
2 beds, 1 bath262 Sq Ft
Tiny House on a Trailer
Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft, Laundry, Covered Porch, Deck
Custom mobile Tiny House Cottage Professionally built with highest quality materials. This unit is an overstock unit initially ordered by customer who ended up ...
1 bed, 1 bath254 Sq Ft
Tiny House on a Trailer
Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft, Laundry, Stairs
Custom made from Green Rhino Building Systems foam technology. This tiny house is made of foam and structural cement. It is liter and more energy efficient ...
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