Watch, learn and ask about every step of the build process

Follow along with Dan Louche as he builds and teaches you how to build a tiny house from beginning to end. Watch as he explains and demonstrates each step along the way. The lessons are ordered and broken up into small, easy to learn segments. It’s like attending a workshop in your own house (without the travel costs), that you can then attend again and again as many times as you want.

Each lesson also includes a forum to ask questions and to interact with other users on that specific topic.

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What You'll Learn

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Aquiring Materials and Supplies
(2 lessons)
Tools free
(1 lesson)
Subfloor Framing and Sheathing
(9 lessons)
Wall Framing and Sheathing
(5 lessons)
Roof Framing and Sheathing
(4 lessons)
Drying-in the House
(1 lesson)
Doors and Windows
(2 lessons)
Exterior Siding
(5 lessons)
(3 lessons)
Electrical Rough-In
(4 lessons)
Plumbing Rough-In
(3 lessons)
(1 lesson)
Insulation Insulation [11:19]
Interior Siding
(3 lessons)
Interior Trim
(2 lessons)
(1 lesson)
(1 lesson)
(2 lessons)

What Others Are Saying

extremely well done and professional. Dan is very clear in his explanations, the audio and video quality is very high... Dan’s videos are like having your own private workshop with the added benefit that you can watch each step over and over again until you understand the concept and then go put it into practice. - Kent Griswold,
I started watching them last night.........OMG!!! They are exactly what I needed! - Kim N.
Although we decided to build on concrete and slightly larger than tiny, your video series was instrumental in building the skills needed - Kai P. - Boston Ma
very well done. His explanations are clear, the video is crisp and clean, and the sound quality is high. - Michael Janzen -
I've purchased just about every tiny house related resource out there to prepare for building my own house, including books and workshops, and I must say that your course is the best I've found. - John C. - Denver, CO

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