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1 Choose the Length


How long of a trailer should I buy?

When deciding on the length of your trailer there are two things you should consider. First, what is the minimum size house that you would be comfortable and happy in, and second, how often do you plan to move your house?

In most places, if you wish to travel without obtaining a permit, your vehicle can be no larger than 8.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet tall. Since your tiny house design will likely be sized to (or close to) those limits, changing the length becomes the only way to change the square footage (i.e. you can’t add a second floor). So you will need to pick a tiny house design, and thus a length, that suits your needs.

While you may be inclined to just pick the largest size to get the most square footage, you will also need to consider movability. As your trailer size increases so too does the challenge of moving it. A larger trailer takes a larger tow vehicle and is generally more difficult to maneuver. So how often you plan to move your house as well as where you plan to park it may affect the size that’s right for you.

Our most popular sized trailers are our 20 and 24 foot models. They provide a good mix of size and ease of mobility.

The sizes list are the deck lengths and do not include the length of the tongue (approximately 4 additional feet). Custom lengths, between 10 feet and 32 feet are also available.

2 Choose the Axles

Which axles are right for my tiny house?

For many of our trailers you have a choice when it comes to the axles. These choices can include ‘drop axles’ as well as higher capacity axles.

Drop axles are special axles that allow the deck (or top surface) of a trailer to be between 3 to 4 inches lower. This can be especially useful for tiny houses since there is a cap on the total height of your house, usually 13.5 feet. Thus the only way to gain additional interior height is the lower the deck. That doesn’t mean that drop axles are required though. When we build our houses we don’t normally use drop axles and we still have a comfortable amount of height both above and below our lofts. On the down side, drop axles reduce the ground clearance of your trailer. This is less of a concern for shorter trailers but can become more of an issue on longer trailers. Finally, because of the way drop axles work, they take up a little more room between the wheels and so there is a little less space between the fenders.

When it comes to axle capacity, all of our trailers include axles that are rated to exceed the anticipated weight of your house. For our 20 foot and shorter trailers, we use two 5200 lbs. axles which gives the trailer a capacity of about 10,000 lbs. (GVWR). For our larger trailers we use either 2 or 3 7000 lbs. axles for a total weight capacity of between 14,000 and 21,000 lbs. It’s unlikely that you would need to upgrade the capacity of your axles unless you plan to build a house that you expect to be much heavier than a typical house of its size. An example of this would be if you were building a house that was to be used as a food truck.

3 Choose the Deck Width

What’s the right deck width for my tiny house trailer?

The deck is the top surface of your trailer. On a normal equipment trailer this is 82 inches wide. On our trailers we extend this out an additional 4 inches on each side for a total width of 90 inches. We do this using a piece of angled steel that provides both support and a great place to attach your home to your trailer. But just because it’s 90 inches, or 7 feet 6 inches, doesn’t mean that that is the widest your house can be built. Many of our house designs have a base that is 7 feet 10 inches wide, such that it cantilevers, or hangs over, the sides of the trailer by 2 inches on either side. Incidentally, on our designs after we add our overhangs (or eaves) and additional siding materials the houses end up being 8 feet 6 inches wide, which is the maximum width allowed in most states. If your house design calls for a wider width at the base, for instance a house with a shed style roof, or you don’t want your house to cantilever the sides we can extend the width to any size up to 8 feet 6 inches. Just add a note with your desired width on the form below.

Please note that while we can build a trailers deck to be as wide as 8’6” (or 102”), we rarely recommend going that wide. Thats because even if your house doesn’t have any overhangs (or eaves), by the time you add the siding you will likely have exceeded the 8’6” limit. So usually the widest deck width we build is 8’4”.

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