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Tiny House Trailers

The trailer of your tiny house is its foundation, start off with the right one

Save time and money by buying a trailer specifically designed for your tiny house. By using a Tiny Home Builders tiny house trailer, you won’t be questioning if you’re buying the right thing. That’s because these trailers were designed by builders of tiny houses, and they've taken every step to make that job as fast and as easy as possible.

Our tiny house trailers are also designed with safety in mind. They allow for the maximum number of connection points between your house and the steel trailer, ensuring that the two stay safely bonded together for the life of your home.

Our tiny house trailers come ready to build on, requiring none of the prep that normally needs to be done on a standard equipment trailer. Best of all, they don’t cost any more than a standard trailer.


Tiny House Trailer Diagram
  • Steel Flange

    A steel flange welded to the sides provides the perfect place to attach your tiny house to the trailer. It also reduces the amount that the house overhangs the sides of the trailer.

  • Electric Brakes

    Electric brakes on both axles ensure that you'll be able to stop your house when needed.

  • Minimally Curved Fenders

    Fenders that aren't curved are much easier to cut and trim around, which saves you time.

  • Heavy Duty Axles

    Tandem 5200 lbs. (10,000 GVW) on our 12'-20' trailers, tandem 7000 lbs. (14,000 GVW) on our 24' trailers, and triple 7000 lbs. (21,000 GVW) on our longer trailers are more than enough for most tiny houses.

  • Running Lights

    When you're towing a tiny house down the road during the day, getting attention isn't usually that hard. For night though, we've included running lights.

  • High Load Radial Tires

    These tires are designed to carry a heavy load, so they hold up well under the strain of moving a tiny house.

  • Flat Deck

    No dovetail or side walls means a flat foundation for your house. No welding required.

  • No Wood Decking

    Two steel beams replace the wood decking. This provides another secure surface to attach your house to while reducing the total weight of the trailer.

  • Fully Certified

    This trailer is issued a trailer VIN and is ready to be licensed.

Total Width(outside edge of fenders) 102" (8' 6")> Frame Width(between fenders) 82" (6' 10")*
Standard Deck Width(to edges of flanges) 90" (7' 6") Deck Height 24" (2')*
Tongue Length Minimum 4'    

*Optional drop axles, available for an additional $100 per axle, reduce the deck height approximately 3-4 inches and the distance between the fenders approximately 4 inches. Deck height can also be reduced approximately 2-3 inches under the load of a completed house. 7000# axles add 2-3 inches to the deck height.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out our Tiny House Trailers Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.

Trailer Bonuses

Each trailer comes with the following bonuses free of charge, over a $800 value!

Tiny House Construction Guide

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eWorkshop Membership

Get a free lifetime subscription to our eWorkshop, where you will learn the ins and outs of building your house.

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Guide to Attaching your House

Our step-by-step guide shows you how to securely attach your house to our trailer.

Guide to Towing

Learn how to safely tow your trailer, including a printable safety checklist.

House Plans

Get a free copy of our Simple Living house plans, or upgrade to a different design.

If you are considering a Tiny House, you should definitely look into this company for a trailer. The customer service has been excellent and upon receiving the trailer, I am very pleased with the craftsmanship that went into it. All around pleasure to deal with. Now it's time to build a structure to match the quality of the foundation. Thank you for the great trailer and experience. Jeff K - Facebook Comment
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