Hands-On Tiny House Workshops

Learn from the experts the skills needed to build your own tiny house

So you want to build a tiny house? Join us for our hands-on workshop and learn how! We focus on giving you the knowledge and confidence needed to build your own tiny house. And because these workshops are hands-on, you leave not just more informed, but also with real-world experience. There is no better way to learn than by doing.

Our workshops are perfect for beginners. No previous carpentry experience is required.

Exclusive discounts on our book, plans, eWorkshop and trailers are also offered to workshop attendees.

Hands-on Tiny House Workshop

What You'll Learn and Do

Tools & Materials

Find out what tools are absolutely needed and which ones are just nice to have. Also learn how to save thousands on materials for your tiny house using the same tricks as the professionals.

Framing Fundamentals

Learn the basics of framing so that you can build a house that is structurally sound and safe to drive down the road. You’ll learn firsthand while we construct and stand up walls.

Sheathing and Flashing

Learn how to properly add layers to your house to add strength and to protect it from the elements. Water is the number one destroyer of homes, we’ll teach you how to protect your house.


Learn all the parts of the electrical system of your tiny house. This is the area that most people are more concerned about, but we break it down and show you that it’s really not that complicated.


Learn about the different types of plumbing products out there and which ones work best for tiny houses. You’ll then work with those materials to put together plumbing components.

Rules and Regulations

Find out the best options on where to park your tiny house.

Meet Your Teacher

Dan Louche

Dan Louche's been building tiny houses and helping others do the same for over 7 years. He's the owner of Tiny Home Builders and the author of the Tiny House Design & Construction Guide. He's taught and spoken at over 40 workshops and conferences.

What Others Are Saying

Tiny House Workshop Group
I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the workshop this past weekend. I came with doubts about building a house, but Dan's knowledge, tidbits, and expertise eliminated all the doubt. I very much appreciated that his whole workshop was not about selling his product or website, but actually helping us learn the basics of building, plumbing, electrical, tools, etc. I now have confidence I can do this! So THANK YOU!!!! - Ginger L
I have been to a LOT of learning type workshop weekends, and I have to say that this workshop was probably the most "Bang for the Buck" workshop, that I have EVER had the pleasure to attend. Dan is amazing, and his depth of knowledge was only exceeded by the caring (and FUN) way that he was able to deliver his wealth of information to us. There were a bunch of "Aha moments" as people from all walks of life, with varying reasons and goals, got to actually DO the things that will need to be done in order to build a Tiny House of their own. - Rick F
I've never met people at "that level of hospitality" before. It is really quite inspiring. You all are doing a fantastic job. - Michelle
I feel completely ready to build a house on my own - Timothy E
Thank you, Dan for a great workshop in Atlanta! - Kathy D
Dan, you did a magnificent job!! I left so inspired that I can hardly think of anything besides tiny houses. - Wanda S
I know this was not your primary reason for the workshop but thank you so much for building my confidence to finally remove a door in my kitchen this past week and put in a window so that I can rearrange the placement of my fridge and for better workflow. Besides my neighbor holding the plywood sheathing to screw in place I can honestly say I did it myself. I highly recommend your workshop for this purpose alone (and so many other reasons). Thanks again - Sanne

Workshop Bonuses

Each workshop attendee receives the following bonuses valued at up to $200, free of charge!

Tiny House Construction Guide

Get a free digital copy of the best selling Tiny House Design & Construction Guide


Receive substantial discounts on our plans, eWorkshop, and trailers, not offered anywhere else.

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