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Tiny House Marketplace

If you are looking for a tiny houses for sale or rent that is already built, be sure to check out our Tiny House Marketplace. There you can view existing homes from sellers all over the world. Even if you aren’t in the market for an already built home, you can use it to get some really great ideas of what you like and don’t like.

Tiny House Trailers

Choosing the foundation for your tiny house is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Tiny Home Builders has been supplying trailers to individuals and builders for over 12 years with over 2000 on the road (or parked :). Our trailer come with lifetime of support to ensure your build is a success. Learn More

Tiny House Workshops

Get the confidence and experience you need to build your own tiny house. Tiny Home Builders Workshops are hands-on, so you will be using the tools and learning the techniques of the professionals. Learn More

Tiny House Plans

Tiny Home Builders offers an array of tiny house plans covering the most common sizes and designs. All of our plans come with a 3D model of the design (SketchUp file) so that they can be customized by your or your architect. Learn More

Our Story

Dan Louche

It all started with a phone call in the fall of 2009. My mom, who had been living in a mobile home near Tampa Florida, had called to tell me that her health was declining. Her house, which had been severely damaged by hurricane Joanne, was beginning to grow mold due to a roof leak. And the mold was causing my mother to develop respiratory problems.

I knew that something had to be done, but I wasn’t entirely sure what. I wanted to get her a new house, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option as we just didn't have enough money. I also didn’t want to replace her mobile home with another one, only to be in a similar situation one or two hurricane seasons later. We both felt stuck.

In the midst of researching a solution, I happened to watch a show on PBS that profiled a college student who had built a tiny house to be her new home while she completed grad school. I was instantly fascinated and hooked on tiny houses. I knew that this was the solution for my mom that I had been searching for.

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