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Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer

Tiny House Gooseneck Trailer Illustration

Gooseneck trailers have increased in popularity in the recent years. While they are more expensive, they have some advantages over bumper pull trailers. Gooseneck trailers have a raised hitch that allows them to connect to a hitch receiver located in the bed of a truck. To accomplish this, the front of the trailer needs to be high enough so that it can clear the truck bed and bed walls when a turn is made. This raised portion gives the trailer the distinctive shape of a goose’s neck, thus the name.

By moving the connection point of the trailer forward and overlapping the trailer with the tow vehicle, the total buildable length of the trailer can be increased while not increasing the total length of the trailer and vehicle combined. For instance, a 10 foot truck and a 20 foot bumper pull trailer, having 20 feet of buildable length, will combine to be 30 feet while towing. The same truck and a 20 foot gooseneck trailer would also be 30 feet in length while towing, however, the trailer would have 28 feet of buildable length. The extra 8 feet come from the tongue that is overlapping with the trucks bed.

Moving the connection point of the trailer to the tow vehicle forward also improves handling and maneuverability when driving. If you talk to someone who has a 5th wheel travel trailer, which is similar to a gooseneck, they will confirm they are a better ride.

If you don’t plan to move your tiny house frequently, the benefits listed above may have minimal impact on you.

A downside to gooseneck trailers is that some people don’t like the trailers distinctive look. This design can make houses have more of the look of an RV and less of a house. However, there are some builders that have made this work and built extremely beautiful homes on goosenecks.

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