Yes, You Can Be a Tiny House Builder!

Getting geared up for another season of hands-on workshops, we love to look forward to watching the growth of people and their confidence in just one weekend. There are many people who come to a workshop just for that very reason: because they feel like they could never build a tiny house. Well, anyone who doubts themselves is totally wrong! Not just anyone can build a tiny house, everyone can. Even you! Here are just a few of the many reasons why you, too can be a tiny house builder.

Size Matters

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When you look at a full sized home, there is a lot of space to cover. You could be looking at upwards of 2000 square feet.  That could include multiple floors which make your electrical and plumbing even more of a nightmare. You have to worry way more about structural integrity and cost of materials. For a tiny house, everything is really scaled down. You normally have one bathroom, way less square footage, and although structural integrity is still important, you aren’t building up three stories. There is also less walking back and forth to where you are set up, no need to crane anything up to a second floor, and truth be told, if you were to make a mistake, it is normally easier and less costly to fix.

It Is All Within Reach

When you are building your tiny home, you are going to spend some time on a ladder. There is no way around it. But because the max height that you are building to is 13’6”, you are never really high up off the ground. Handing things up to the roof is a lot easier when you only have to go up one story. You are also going to need a lot less power cord and air hose length than if you were building on a big house.

Goodbye Property Limitations!

Setbacks, infrastructure, and sight-lines are just a few of the considerations that you have to take when planning to build a permanent structure on a piece of property. But when you build a tiny house on a trailer, you have little concern. If the sewage line needs to exit the property on the west side, you simply move the house over there. Don’t like looking at your neighbors? Turn the house towards the sunset instead. Try doing that with your McMansion. And the best part is, if you ever have to move, you can take the house that you love with you to the next destination.

Being a Tiny House Builder Is Not As Hard As It Looks

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Believe it or not, with little to no construction experience, you too can be a tiny house builder. The fears of electrical and plumbing are easy to conquer with a little instruction. With the right tools, you don’t have to be a he-man to put a tiny house together. The hardest part is having the confidence to step past the haters and over the pessimists to realize that you really can be a tiny house builder! So what is holding you back? Are you ready to go? Let us know in the comments below!

Published on 6/10/2022. Published in Tiny House Construction, and Tiny House Research.

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