Boathouses to Inspire Your Tiny House Design

One of my favorite weekend getaways was my family’s trip to Lake Rabun, which is a man-made lake about 2 hours north of Atlanta Georgia.  It turns out that this is where a lot of very wealthy people live and vacation and they had houses that demonstrated that wealth. What I found so interesting though was all the boat houses, because so many of them looked like tiny houses (on top of two car garages). Check out the design of these ‘not so tiny’ boathouses to inspire your tiny house design.

To be clear, none of these boat houses were designed by me. In this case, I’m just the man behind the camera. :) (If you are looking for my designs, check out our tiny houses page.)

My favorite was this design. I loved the colors, windows, and details of the dormers.

Inspiration Boathouse

This one has similar colors to the first one, and I love it. The natural wood tones look great with the dark trim and the greenish siding.

Tiny House Design - Gray

This house has a popular northwestern style with cedar shake siding and ‘redish’ trim.


This boat house has a unique and interesting curved feature to the roof. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen on a tiny house before.


The colors of this house are much more subdued, but if you are looking for a simpler style, this boat house looks great. I’m not sure how much the stone is influencing how much I like this house, since I love stone. But stone is hard to pull off on a tiny house because of the weight and fake stone never looks good.


This is a more monotone look, but I like the board and batten siding.


I lean towards the natural, darker colors, but the cream colored trim on this house is clean and rich.


The pop of natural color on the underside of the roof on this house drew my eye. I like seeing the detail of the roof construction (exposed beams), but unfortunately on a real house that is filled with insulation and covered with siding.


A hip-roof design isn’t as practical for a tiny house since you loose space, but I liked the modern louver siding on this boat house.


I loved the large doors on this design. Opening them up on a tiny house would seamlessly extend your entire house out to a deck. You would just want to live someplace with a climate that would allow you to take advantage of them a good part of the year (or move to that climate throughout the year).


This one almost looks whimsical with it’s extremely high pitched roof.


Here are a few more that caught my attention.


Which one do you like? Did you find inspiration from these boathouses for your tiny house design? Let us know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Boathouses to Inspire Your Tiny House Design

  1. Lisa Prickett said:

    I am lucky enough to live on Lake Rabun and one of these boathouses was built by my husband Johnny Prickett of Mountain Crest Construction! A job well done!!!

  2. Joe Stolfi said:

    Thanks for sharing these photos .. Inspirational, ummm a little
    It definitely gets the creative juices flowing ..

  3. JoAnn Straub said:

    When we first visted the Lake Burton and Lake Rabun I was totally shocked at the “Boat Houses”. One after another one was just amazing. We were lucky enough to rent a home on Lake Burton and have the use of a “Boat house”. I put parentheses on the word boat house since these are not really the boat houses l remember on my grandfathers lake !!

  4. Kathy Truhn said:

    For me it was a toss up between the first one (Your favorite) and the whimsical one. Although all were wonderful and a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Eric Lewis said:

    Great Photies but ahm frae Scotland an it pours doon here…Translation- Fantastic photographs but I come from Scotland and it rains too much here. We have a Barn to repair and I am going to make it simple with clean flat surfaces with very little complexity of joins in the roof, like the Dormer windows you folk are so fond of. To me they are a future problem that will need fixing. I enjoy reading your thoughts and designs but I feel you have a habit of complicating matters, The fundamental shapes for ancient humans were round shapes and the Travelling folk here use a shape like the first American Settlers Wagon and it is called a “Bender” like an elongated Yurt, That is our next project for the Creatives we work with here…Yours Aye Eric,

  6. Amy said:

    I love seeing all the different types of siding, as I have not settled on one for my TH yet.

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