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22ft Unfinished Tiny home Gem for sale

McGavran Vista, california 92081
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
248 sq ft
1 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2016

My tiny home has been such an amazing experience. While I love my tiny home I am looking to start my next project. I started my house 2 years ago and I have finished most of the essentials. The house is lived in at the moment. Think of it as a blank canvas. Everything inside is pretty much a temporary fixture. The house is 248 Sqf. 22 ft long, 13 ft tall, and 8 ft wide. With one sleeping loft and storage loft. The trailer is registered with paperwork. What is done so far: the plumbing for a shower and a shower pan, a tankless water heater, a kitchen sink (optional), dry plumbing for a bathroom sink, plumbed for a washing machine. The toilet is drily plumbed for a regular toilet, but I chose to go with the composting toilet. The bathroom itself needs to be finished. The outside is finished and the inside has been drywalled for shiplap. The floor is 99% finished aside from the trim. There is extra flooring for the lofts. There are two lofts, one sleeping loft, one storage loft. I also have a window air conditioner I do not have permanent appliances or cabinetry. I have priced them out as 2k-5k depending on how fancy you want to get. I am asking $24K Must see to appreciate. I have another door now, but I can't download the picture. It's your choice what door you would like.

Features Include: Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft, and Certified

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