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tiny cottage on wheels

Englewood, CO
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
160 sq ft
0 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2016

35k or best offer I might be ok with partial trades but otherwise it's cash only. I'm open minded but I'll be honest and tell you ahead of time, I'm probably not gonna go for any "creative" buying options. There are some services out there that might be able to facilitate financing but I'm not able to provide financing personally unless you are willing to pay in full before taking possession. I can also offer my services hooking up the tiny house at your property if you are interested Please only contact me if you are truly interested in buying. I've had to deal with a lot of looky-loos. and while I appreciate all of the enthusiasm for tiny houses in general, I do have a full time job and showing the house takes time out if my day since it's parked half an hour from my normal sized house. Also, this will not make a good camping vehicle or nomad cross-country take to burning man thing. It really just wants to be settled. (Think of it as a mobile home, just much, much more classy) it has the chandelier to prove it lol This tiny house was built lovingly 2 years ago by my wife and I. I'm a contractor by trade and the thought was to build a house of our own to park and hook up at my mom's property. Plans changed and my mom sold her home so there's currently no long term place for the tiny house to be. A lot of love and attention went into the construction. The photo does not show the refrigerator but one will be included. It has a wee bath/shower, composting toilet, washer/dryer combo, propane water heater. I will try to add more info in the coming days if there is any interest. I'm willing to deliver within 50ish miles. Walls are of 2x4 construction and r13 insulation. Currently has a 110v toekick heater but could be retrofitted for propane. Water heater is on demand. I'm not particularly interested in dealing with anyone out of state thanks! -David and Kenzie

Features Include: Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft, and Laundry

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