What deck width should I choose for my trailer?

The deck is the top surface of your trailer. On a normal equipment trailer, this is 82 inches wide. On our trailers, we extend this an additional 4 inches on each side for a total width of 90 inches. We do this using a piece of angled steel that provides both support and a great place to attach your home to your trailer. But just because it’s 90 inches, or 7 feet 6 inches, doesn’t mean that that is the widest your house can be built. Many of our house designs have a base that is 7 feet 10 inches wide, such that it cantilevers, or hangs over, the sides of the trailer by 2 inches on either side. Incidentally, on our designs after we add our overhangs (or eaves) and additional siding materials the houses end up being 8 feet 6 inches wide, which is the maximum width allowed in most states. If your house design calls for a wider width at the base, for instance a house with a shed style roof, or you don’t want your house to cantilever the sides we can extend the width to any size up to 8 feet 6 inches. Just add a note with your desired width on the form below.

Please note that while we can build a trailer's deck to be as wide as 8’6” (or 102”), we rarely recommend this. Even if your house doesn’t have any overhangs (or eaves), by the time you add the siding, you will likely have exceeded the 8’6” limit. Usually the widest deck width we build is 8’4”.

Standard Tiny House Trailer Deck

Standard Width

Extended Width Tiny House Trailer Deck

Extended Width

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