What are the parts and dimensions of a tiny house trailer?

Parts of the Trailer

Tiny House Trailer Parts Diagram

Wiring Harness

The wiring harness is a 7-pin plug that attaches to the tow vehicle. This powers the lights and brakes on the trailer. Some vehicles are only equipped with a 4-pin plug. A 4-pin to 7-pin adapter can be purchased, but this will only control the lights on the trailer and not the brakes.

Safety Chains

The safety chains act as a second line of defense against the trailer separating from the tow vehicle, in the event the coupler or hitch fails. There is also a break away kit that will automatically engage the trailer brakes if the chains fail (not shown).


The tongue is a steal A-frame that connects the coupler to the main frame of the trailer.


These are not structural, so you can’t use them to carry the load of your house (you will need to build a header over the fenders if your design extends over them).


The axles connect the wheels together and are rated for different capacities.

Runner Beams

The runner beams are 2x2 square tubing and replace the wood decking found on conventional trailers.

Tail Lights

The tail lights serve the same function as the tail lights on your vehicle. After your house is complete, your vehicles tail lights will not be visible.

Main Frame

The main frame of the trailer is constructed of 2x6 square tubing. The thickness varies based on the length of the trailer.

Tires and Rims

We use radial tires over bias ply for strength and durability.

Cross Members

The cross members provide extra support to the trailer.

Tongue Jack

The tongue jack is used to lift the trailer on and off of the tow vehicle when moving. It can also be really helpful when leveling the house.


The coupler is a standard 2-5/16”.

Common Measurements

Tiny House Trailer Measurements Diagram
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