Personalizing your home without sacrificing space


A design element that can sometimes be overlooked is the color of your home; and I don’t mean the exterior. Color has a big impact on the look and feel of your home. This is because color inspires certain emotions in us. While all these colors may not be applicable in your home, accents can be used to incorporate these emotions. If you want to add some design without coloring all the panels, then you can use wallpaper. 

Red: Passion, love, strength

Red Tiny House Interior

Orange: Vitality, confidence, excitement

Orange Tiny House Interior

Yellow: Hope, happiness, energy

Yellow Tiny House Interior

Green: Growth, renewal, harmony

Green Tiny House Interior

Blue: Security, tranquility, peace

Blue Tiny House Interior

Purple: Nobility, fantasy, spirituality

Purple Tiny House Interior

Pink: Youth, compassion, inspiration

Pink Tiny House Interior

White: Purity, clean, simple

White Tiny House Interior

Black: Elegance, luxury, classic

Black Tiny House Interior


There are other ways to add personality without sacrificing space in your home. One of my favorites is the choice of adding texture in your home. For instance, using butcher block in the kitchen. This saves space by being a counterspace and a cutting board while giving a rustic feel.

Butcher Block Bar Top

Alternatively, granite or marble countertops give a sleek texture to your kitchen space.

One often overlooked texture is the use of metal which opens another world of possibilities to your design. 

Metal Interior Texture

Texturized pieces, such as the barn door trend, can add to the design of a room by being both functional and an accent piece. Meanwhile, it takes up little room as you do not need space for a door to swing open. 

Fireplace Texture


Saving space can be an illusion. Adding lines can completely reconstruct the whole space.

Interior Design Lines

Wallpaper is an excellent tool for this because you can place the lines where you please. Vertical lines can make your space appear taller, or if on the floor, make the space appear longer. Meanwhile, horizontal lines are great for making your home appear to be wider than it is. Another mental trick is adding mirrors; they can lift the ceiling or make the room appear much larger depending on the placement. 

Lines Interior Design

Lines in Interior Design

Lines in Interior Design

Mirror in Interior Design

Published on 2/28/2024. Published in Tiny House Style.

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