Need Clean Water on the Go?

Tiny Home Builders has been working with the tiny house community for over 10 years. We have been in the business of building homes and designed one of the first trailers specifically designed to be the foundation of a tiny house on wheels (THOW). We know a lot about construction and quality building materials.

As the business grew, we began to advise and work with tiny house enthusiasts who wanted to take things into their own hands and build a home themselves. So out of this need, our Tiny Home Builders Workshops were developed. And all along the way the movement grew and expanded to reach all demographics of people. But a common theme among the tiny house community was a desire for independence and mobility. Many people were extremely interested in living off the grid or at least a more nomadic lifestyle. So as this subset grew so did the questions about off grid building materials and supplies. There were questions about solar panels, composting toilets and how to be sure they were drinking safe water.

While there are several great companies that make solar panels and compositing toilets, we had a good go to answer when it came to water filtration, Berkey water filters. It is like Berkey had the tiny house movement in mind when they developed the Travel Berkey. Its sleek modern design is even reminiscent of the iconic Airstream!

As folks travel around the country in a THOW and dock in unfamiliar spots its reassuring to know that they can always count on their Berkey to provide their family with safe drinking water. Another concern for many in the tiny house community is reducing their carbon footprint and being ecofriendly. The microfiltration method of cleaning the water is facilitated by gravity flow so you can’t get any more eco- friendly!  A pair of Black Berkey® Purification Elements will last up to 6000 gallons. With the use of 3 gallons per day, you will be paying 2¢ per gallons over the lifespan. Berkey also outperforms other top water filters on the market in both the amount of the harmful things its filters out and its longevity.

And don’t get me started on plastic water bottles! Obviously using a Berkey completely eliminates our reliance on these Earth killers. It is heart breaking to think that over 50 billion water bottles are used every year and only about 20% are recycled. Not to mention the harmful BPA that we consume while drinking from a plastic bottle.

With a Berkey you can refill your reusable stainless steel or glass water bottles. I like to use glass bottles, add fruit, and keep them in the fridge for a quick on the go cool drink.

We here at Tiny Home Builders really love the Travel Berkey. It can hold 1 ½ gallon of clean, tasty water and filter up to 2.75 gallons and hour. The size and capacity are perfect for a tiny home which usually house 2 or 3 people. It is small enough that it does not take up too much counter space, which is at a premium in a tiny house.

We even take a Travel Berkey along with us to our Tiny Home Builders Workshops. Our attendees appreciate being able to refill their reusable bottles instead of one of those plastic bottles.

For ease of use and portability you can't beat a Berkey Water Filter to insure you always have safe drinking water.

Comment below and tell us what adventures you've taken your Berkey on.

Published on 5/10/2023. Published in Off the Grid.

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