30 Ways To Downsize, Simplify, and Build Tiny

We get asked a lot about "best practices" when it comes to going tiny. And sometimes this seems like a daunting task. But with preparation and dedication anyone can make some changes and get to that place of existing within comfortable confides, both in their house and in their head. So let this be your guide; here are 30 Ways to Downsize, Simplify, and Build Tiny.

1. Plan

A well thought out plan is needed to keep you on your path. It’s hard to stay focused if you don’t know how or what you’re trying to accomplish. Check out Planetizen's article on The Best Planning Apps.

2. Get Started

It’s important to plan, but if you want to see real progress you are going to have to take action.

3. Read More

Absorb knowledge on simplifying through reading. It’s a constructive use of your time and will help you stay motivated.

4. Be Confident

You can do it. While the unknown can be scary it’s all pretty easy once you do it.

5. Donate

A great way to get rid of stuff quickly is to donate it. You don’t have to wait or work to sell it and it helps others.

6. Give to a Friend

Giving your stuff to a friend that can use it is a great way to reduce your belongings. Plus, you get to visit your old stuff occasionally.

7. Close off a Room

People expand their belongings to fill their space. Closing off an empty room is a great way to limit that space.

8. Save Money

Some goals take money to achieve, so save up for those so you’re ready when they come up.

9. Ignore Naysayers

There are always going to be people that don’t want you to succeed for various reasons. Don’t listen to them.

10. Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe from retail email newsletters. They are designed, from their wording, to the time of day they are sent, specifically to get you to spend money.

11. Stay Motivated

If your goal is a long-term goal, there will be times that it’s harder to stay motivated. Figure out what gives you inspiration and keep it nearby.

12. Cancel Subscriptions

Magazines are paid for by advertisers whose main technique is to make you feel like you’re not good enough (at least not until you buy their product). Cut that out of your life.

13. Shop Less

Stop killing time by shopping. It’s unproductive and results in having more stuff that you don’t care about. This is also a good time to start to observe a "one-in, one-out" rule. For every new thing you bring into the home, one has to go out.

14. Watch Less TV

Just like magazines, TV is filled with advertising. At a minimum, cut out the commercials.

15. Share

Find others with similar interests and share larger or expensive items that you don’t need daily. For instance, if you know others that are building their own house do you all really need your own compressor? Sharing tools can be made a lot easier if you also share your build space.

16. Focus

Stay focused on your goals by reviewing your plan regularly.

17. Work Together

Get your significant other on-board with your plan. If they aren’t after the same goals, you’re likely to fail.

18. Volunteer

Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity is a great way to gain some limited building experience, while also helping others.

19. Practice

You can get practice and experience before building your tiny house by helping someone else with a home project or by taking on simpler tasks like building a doghouse.

20. Sell Your Stuff

Selling your stuff is a great way to get rid of stuff while also raising money for your goals.

21. Imagine

Imagining the end result of your goals can be a great source of motivation.

22. Make Contacts

Find like-minded people in your area and participate in community events. They'll turn out to be a reliable source of support in the future.

23. Push For Change

Work with local officials to raise awareness and increase acceptance of tiny houses in your area.

24. Look

If you plan to build your own house start paying attention to how things are built around you. This can be as simple as looking at the plumbing under your sink or more involved like looking at how a house is framed and put together. Look for new construction in a nearby neighborhood.

25. Identify What's Important

Identify what’s really important to you. A huge part of simplifying is reducing your belongings, but if something you have or do makes you really happy then you want to make sure you keep that in your life.

26. Learn More

Downsize, Simplify, and Build Tiny - learn

Become singularly minded on your goal and view every experience as an opportunity to learn.

27. Commit

Commit to your goals. Nothing makes your goals more real than having a trailer parked in your driveway.

28. Stop Comparing

Social media is great for staying in contact with your friends. However, it’s important to avoid comparing yourself against what they have and/or what they are doing. Seeing only the most positive sliver of someone’s life can be deceiving.

29. Reduce Gifts

This is a hard one since we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if you are trying to simplify your life gift giving (and receiving) season can be a real challenge. Tell people to get you consumables or better yet, if you are planning to build your own house, tools and supplies. Try to avoid the junk that people just can seem to resist buying.

30. Be Determined

What you are trying to do is not the norm and so some people won’t understand. And some of those people may try to discourage you to reinforce their own decisions. Don’t listen. Be determined.

Bonus: Spread the Word

Share this and spread the word! Everything is easier with the support of your friends.

Published on 11/15/2023. Published in Downsize-Organize-Simplify.

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