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Even though the average person only moves their tiny house three times in their lifetime, moving always comes up in conversations. Do I need a gigantic truck? Can I pull my home with an SUV? Can I rent a truck? There are a lot of questions, but we’re here to help you figure it all out. Here are some great recommendations when choosing a tiny home tow vehicle.


Tiny House Laundry - Title

When you make the transition to tiny living there are undoubtedly some sacrifices that need to be made. Giving up all of your modern conveniences does not have to be one of them. Many people think that they are going to have to sacrifice some of their major appliances, and normally the first one to go is the clothes washer and dryer. But with the options available on the market today, you don’t automatically have to forgo them. Here are a few options when it comes to doing your laundry in a tiny house.


tin house materials guide - title

You are on this new journey. The journey of the Tiny Home Builder. You have gotten the most out of your research. You have figured out what size house is for you and you have figured out what to look for in your trailer. Now comes the time to sit down with your plans and its accompanying materials list. What? You say your plans didn’t come with a materials list? You should have read, “Tiny House Plans: What to look for.”


After building my first tiny house, I figured out that I am not the most comfortable being up on a 13’ high roof. Fear of heights is certainly not uncommon, but whether you like it or not, you are going to have to spend some time in the air during your tiny house construction. Here is some advice on conquering (or at least lessening) your fear of tiny house heights.


We get asked a lot about “best practices” when it comes to going tiny. And sometimes this seems like a daunting task. But with preparation and dedication anyone can make some changes and get to that place of existing within comfortable confides, both in their house and in their head. So let this be your guide; here are 30 Ways to Downsize, Simplify, and Build Tiny.


or 5 Tiny House Construction Safety Precautions

When you are building a tiny house, there are many potentially dangerous situations that will come up during the construction process. Don’t get discouraged – with a few tiny house construction safety precautions and some properly paid attention, you will be a pro, build a beautiful home and actually live to tell about it. Here are five Tiny House Construction Safety Precautions that will help you know how not to die while building your tiny house.


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