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We hear this a lot: “I need it as wide as we can go.” But do you really? What is your motivation behind that? Are you even aware of the legal road limits? Here are some considerations when choosing your tiny house trailer width.


Radical Ways - Title

Living tiny is really only 10% the actual tiny house itself and 90% the attitude of the people going to live there. There are many people who have their mentality backward – they say, “Living tiny will allow me to do these things,” when they need to start living tiny well before they even get there. If you wait to start living tiny, you are going to be in for a heck of a shock when moving in day comes. So if you want to be ready, or even just see if you are able to start living tiny, here are some radical ways to start living tiny right now!


Celebrating the Holidays in a Tiny House

 One of the intimidating factors about moving into a tiny house is the thought of getting rid of all your stuff. For many this is the specific reason for moving out of their standard size home, for others it can be a source of stress. Although the dream of downsizing and living with less,enjoying the freedom and adventure this lifestyle represents to the wanna- be minimalist, it can still be a daunting thought. After all we have been conditioned to identify and associate who we are to our accumulated possessions.


If you are thinking about building a tiny home, or are even on the fence about it, taking a tiny house workshop can be a great help in deciding how you want to go about the project. Obviously, the information that you will obtain during a workshop is immense, but there are other reasons to attend. Here are five benefits to attending a  tiny house workshop.


People contact us all the time with questions about going tiny and the tiny house lifestyle. We wanted to share the most common questions so that people could get a feel for what others out there are thinking most about when it comes to going tiny. So without further ado, here are the top ten common tiny house questions and their answers.


If you have a tiny house to sell, there are a few simple steps and considerations to make, to both increase your chances of selling it and increasing the price for which it sells.

Over the years, we’ve had many people list their home for sale on the Tiny House Marketplace, with some being more successful than others. Below are our observations of what works best.

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