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Black Friday is always a conflicting time of year for us here at Tiny Home Builders. We are definitely not fans of the over-consumption that shopping days like Black Friday can lead to. Where businesses market inferior goods so that they can lower the price to entice all of us to go out at 5am in the morning (or now, 6pm on Thanksgiving Day) to get to the front of the line to buy, buy and buy. But at the same time, to build a tiny house you will likely need some tools that you don’t already have, and there are some great deals to be had on this day. So if you need something and planned on purchasing it anyway, why not get it at the lowest price? Just try to resist being pulled into the ‘buy it all’ mentality. So let’s check out the best Black Friday deals.


Here come the holidays and you have reservations about hosting people at your tiny house. Don’t count yourself out of entertaining just because you have decided to go tiny. Laura Fenton is the Lifestyle Director for Parents Magazine and has contributed to ShelterPop, AOL, Good Housekeeping, and Quick & Simple magazine. Her article for Refinery 29 from a couple of years ago is a perfect handbook for anyone looking to have a Tiny House Thanksgiving dinner (or ANY dinner party for that matter) in a small space.


Radical Ways - Title

Living tiny is really only 10% the actual tiny house itself and 90% the attitude of the people going to live there. There are many people who have their mentality backward – they say, “Living tiny will allow me to do these things,” when they need to start living tiny well before they even get there. If you wait to start living tiny, you are going to be in for a heck of a shock when moving in day comes. So if you want to be ready, or even just see if you are able to start living tiny, here are some radical ways to start living tiny right now!



Dan and I are big fans of going tiny, (and why wouldn’t we be – it is our business!) so a big pet peeve of ours is uni-taskers: Items that only hold value for doing one thing. When you are in the process of downsizing your life, especially if you are headed into the tiny house domain, you do not have room for the quesadilla maker. But you will make room for the slow cooker. Why? Because you can literally cook anything in the slow cooker, but the quesadilla maker is pretty much giving you just quesadillas. Hence, items like these are uni-tasking tools. With Black Friday right around the corner, here are our favorite uni-taskers that are worth the purchase. (So put them on your Holiday wish list!)


Tiny House Cost - Title

One of the most common questions asked in the tiny house industry is “How much does a tiny house cost?” Although there is no simple answer, we will give you the best estimates and guidelines to help you plan for your tiny living experience. Here are the three ways of constructing your tiny home and the cost associated with each.


Tiny House Problems

Going tiny is a big decision and certainly not an easy one. As this niche industry continues to build, so does its naysayers. Don’t give up on your big dream to live tiny! Most of what they say isn’t true anyway. Here are a few of the most common tiny house problems which are really myths.


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