The Element

Our roomiest and most modern tiny house

The Element incorporates a shed style roof which gives it a more modern appearance. This also makes it the roomiest and easiest to build of all our tiny houses.

We’ve built many shed style designs over the years, each changed and improved along the way. We’ve held off releasing any of those plans until we felt comfortable that we had found the perfect design and layout. The result of that work is The Element.

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20 Feet

The 20’ Element is our smallest size, and thus the easiest to move. It has plenty of room for all the essentials and is the perfect size for a younger couple.

24 Feet

At 24', this design is large enough to incorporate stairs and a washer dryer, both of which are very popular options. The size is also still small enough to be easily moved, a combination that makes it our most popular size.

30 Feet

The 30’ element is large enough for a small family, incorporating two, full-size sleeping lofts. This design also has our largest, open living area of all our sizes.

30 Feet Master-on-Main

The 30’ Master-on-Main design is perfect for anyone not interested in climbing stairs or a ladder to go to bed. An innovative pass-through bathroom allows guest to use the bathroom without entering your bedroom.

28 Feet Gooseneck

Our largest house is the 28’ gooseneck, coming in at 36’ feet total. This design has everything. A private master suite, a guest loft, a full-size bathroom, and ample living area.


House Length: 20', 24', 30', 30' Master-On-Main, 28' Gooseneck (36' total) Exterior Width: 8' 6"
Interior Width: 7' 5" Interior Height: 10' 7"
Road Height: 13' 6" Height Under Loft: 6' 7-1/2"
Loft Depth: 8' 6" Loft Height: 3' 7-1/2"
Optimal Trailer Width: 96" All measurement are approximate
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