Simple Living

An inexpensive, functional tiny house design

The ‘Simple Living' design is our easiest and least expensive house to build. The goal of this design is to provide an inexpensive option for those on a tighter budget. Depending on the materials used, you can build this house for as little as $10,000 in materials!

This design has all the amenities and features that make up a great home, including a 7 foot sleeping loft, a storage loft, bathroom with a 36 inch shower, kitchen, and large family room, but is less expensive for those on a budget. We achieved this cost savings by eliminating extras like dormers and specifying less expensive, while still high quality, materials. For instance, the siding is T1-11 instead of cedar, and the windows are made from vinyl as opposed to the aluminum clad solid wood windows that are found on some of our other homes.

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20 Feet

This house was designed to be easy and inexpensive to build. This starts with its size. Yet at 20’, it can still perfectly fit everything you need.


House Length: 20' Exterior Width: 8' (base), 8'6" (widest point)
Interior Width: 7'3" Interior Height: 10'5"
Road Height: 13'5" Height Under Loft: 6'9"
Loft Depth: 7' Loft Height: 3' 2"
Optimal Trailer Width: 94" All measurement are approximate
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