Getting Started

Thank you so much for your interest in Tiny Home Builders constructing your new home! Before we embark on your journey to becoming a member of the Tiny House Community, we would like to discuss the process that we have here which will help both of us maximize our time and efforts. Our plan going forward is as follows:

  • Soon-to-be Tiny House owner (Client) completes initial survey below. Please send this in an email to
  • Tiny Home Builders (THB) reviews the survey and generates additional clarifying questions and generates a preliminary quote.
  • Client reviews quote and schedules time for initial one hour consultation with Dan for process, timeline, and design planning. This consultation is normally handled via phone or Skype and carries a $150 charge. (Reimbursed via credit towards house purchase.)
  • Quote is revised based on design.
  • Client signs quote and pays 20% deposit.
  • THB begins home construction.

Tiny House Buyers Survey

  1. What tiny house design would you like to have built? This can be an existing design by us or another designer, sketches by you, or simply a grouping of photos of other houses that you’d like to borrow design elements from. This helps us to get an idea of what you want. Please include what length you were thinking about. Obviously, these can all change through the process.
  2. How will you use the house? Will it be your full time residence, a guest cottage, a vacation home, or other?
  3. Do you want us to complete the house or do you intend to finish some of it?
  4. Do you have a place arranged where you plan to park your house? Does it have the required hookups (e.g. water, electric, sewer, etc.) or do you plan to have it off-grid (solar power, rainwater collection, composting toilet, etc.)?
  5. How do you plan to pay for your house? If you plan to get financing, have you looked into this and has it been approved? Note: We don't currently offer financing.
  6. When are you wanting the house to be completed by?
  7. How do you intend to transport your tiny home?
  8. Please note any extras or must haves (washer/dryer, tub, etc.)
  9. Contact information including Full Name, Address, Telephone, and email address.
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