Backyard Studio

It’s never been easier to add an extra guest room, garden office, craft room, or whatever room to your house

The backyard studio is an easy, inexpensive, and do-it-yourself (DIY) way to expand your house to make room for your work, hobbies, and crafts. It is small enough to be considered a shed in most municipalities and can thus be legally built in most backyards.

Our DIY plans allow you to build a higher quality, more attractive alternative to the storage sheds found at the home improvement stores. By building it yourself, you can also customize its appearance to have the exact look you want.

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16 x 8 Feet

This is the perfect size for an individual workspace. It provides ample room for a both a work surface or desk and a sitting area. Let your creativity flourish.


Length: 16' Exterior Width: 8' (at base)
Interior Width: 7'5" Interior Height: 10'5"
All measurement are approximate
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