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Brand New 32' Tiny Home

Alexandria , Ontario K0C1A0
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
400 sq ft
2 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2019

We just finished construction on our tiny house in October 2019. It's built on a triple axle purpose built tiny house trailer that's rated for 21,000 lbs. It has only been on the road once to bring it to our property and since then was parked indoors during the building process until it was ready to be outside. The floor is completely sealed from end to end with tin running the full length underneath and insulated with R20. The walls were framed out of 2x4, R14 insulation and R6 rigid foam with foil on the outside for a total wall insulation of R20 all around. We have a total of 10 large beautiful new windows and a full glass door, which lets in natural light from all angles during the day. The roof is entirely covered in tin for roof longevity and the ceiling is spray foamed for heat retention and keeps it's heat really well. The trailer length is 32' however with the front bump out makes the total length 36'. The house has all new appliances: gas range, woodstove, fridge, microwave, high efficiency washer and sun-mar composting toilet. The kitchen has a very large 9" deep sink, brand new countertops with an incredible amount of storage space throughout the kitchen as well as the bar top on the left with a beautiful view of outside. There is a custom built staircase with the bottom steps that go up with extra storage directly underneath for anything you may need to store. Going up those stairs to the main bedroom which is 8ft x 12ft has built in closets. The house also has a secondary loft, same square footage and closets as well. In both lofts there are custom built floating night stands to keep your devices on and charged. The bathroom is 8ft x 8ft, has a vanity, deep tub/shower, composting toilet, washer, hot water tank and a built in 125gal water tank. The living room is 8ft x 12ft and has three windows to allow for tons of natural light and a nice breeze in the summer months. It also features a custom built in couch with tons of storage space underneath.

Features Include: Storage Loft, Sleeping Loft, Laundry, Wood Stove, and Stairs

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