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New to Tiny Houses? You have come to the right place!

If you are new to the tiny house movement, it can be intimidating trying to learn and take it all in. You are not alone! Everyone has questions, and we are here to help. To get you started, we have created this helpful guide.

Learn the Basics

If you are new to tiny houses, you probably have some basic questions. Check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" section, where you will find many of the answers you need. The tiny house movement is always evolving, so you will also want to stay current with the latest trends and news. For that, be sure to read our blog as well as subscribe to our newsletter.


Downsize and Simplify

Now that you have made the decision to go tiny, it is time to pare down. As you get older and acquire more space, you acquire more "stuff." Going tiny doesn't mean that you have to get rid of everything that you own, but there will certainly be some tough decisions ahead. Even if the tiny living lifestyle is not for you, downsizing and simplifying can make your house - and your life - less cluttered.

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