The Tiny Home Builders Difference

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Tiny Home Builders was started in 2009 by Dan Louche when he built his first house for his mom. Back then, he used a slightly modified standard equipment trailer for his build. After that experience, he realized there had to be a better way and set out to design a safer and faster alternative. While his design has evolved over the years, the original concept remains unchanged: to offer the best and most efficient option for tiny house foundations.


There are a few different tiny house trailer manufacturers out there, each with their own unique design. While some of the trailer manufacturers are also tiny house builders, others are simply standard trailer companies trying to jump into a new market segment. If you end up dealing with the latter, make sure you are very well informed about what you want and need prior to ordering your trailer. Since most of these companies have never built a tiny house, nor do they have an interest in doing so, they may not fully understand how to use their own product.

We’ve come across many tiny house trailer designs that simply don’t make sense for most people. For instance, the maximum width of a tiny house that doesn’t require a road permit is 8’6”. So, some manufacturers are building their trailers to have a deck that is 8’6” wide and advertising it as having the largest buildable space. The issue is that they are not taking into consideration the thickness of the siding and any roof overhangs that may be part of your design (a common mistake with new builders). Consequently, if you bought a trailer with a deck that is 8’6” wide, you would likely either build a house that is ultimately too wide or have some of the metal deck exposed which would result in rust and water intrusion. For this reason, most of the trailers we sell are no wider than 8’4”.

We’ve been building and using our tiny house trailer design since 2009, making us the most trusted and most used tiny house trailer in the United States. As builders of tiny houses, it’s the design that we’ve chosen to make our houses efficient, safe, and easier to build. We have never forgotten why we built that first trailer and that first house, and we continue to maintain that same sense of responsibility to our customers. You trust us to help you build your dream and we will be with you every step of the way.


When buying a trailer from Tiny Home Builders, you’re buying from the number one resource for DIY tiny house builders in the United States. That means that in addition to receiving our videos and Tiny House Construction Guide, you’ll have a resource to ask your most challenging build questions to. We receive over 30 emails each day from builders like you just needing a little extra help. And as a customer, we’ll make it a priority to answer your questions.


We’re proud of our reputation and the quality of our trailers. We’ve been involved in the tiny house movement from the beginning, which means we’ve seen a lot of other trailer manufacturers come and go.

Recently we came across a trailer built by another company that does not meet our standards. Below are a few things to look out for when shopping for your trailer.

Traler Problem Main frame pieced together

Main frame pieced together (should be a single piece)

Traler Problem Edges misaligned due to sloppy welding

Edges misaligned due to sloppy welding

Traler Problem Wiring barely hanging on

Wiring barely hanging on

Traler Problem Most bolts crooked

Most bolts crooked

Traler Problem Rust bleeding through

Rust bleeding through

Traler Problem Tape painted over

Tape painted over

Traler Problem Frame beam ends left open

Frame beam ends left open

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