The Tiny House Hunt: How to Find Tiny Houses Near Me

If you have ever seen a tiny house reality television show, you are probably surprised by the more than occasional reveal at the end where the couple who is moving in says, “Wow, it’s so tiny!” If you are like me, you yell at the TV, “WHAT DID YOU THINK IT WAS GOING TO BE? IT’S A TINY HOUSE!!!” But the sad truth is that many people who get into the tiny house market have never seen a tiny house in person, let alone been inside of one. So how do you prepare yourself for the conversion to a tiny home? Well you need to get inside of them, of course! So if you have ever asked, “How do I find tiny houses near me?” then here are a few ways that you can get a taste of tiny living without making the commitment to buying.

Find a Tiny House Builder

Although the market is becoming more and more diverse the older the tiny house movement gets, finding a builder who has models for you to tour is tougher than you think. If you are lucky and they are in the middle of building a house, you can probably pop by to take a look. Just call first. One of the things to remember is that local contractors may build tiny homes, but they aren’t typically going to stock them because of the expense to keep an inventory.  To be fair, there are a lot of people who claim to build tiny homes, but haven’t ever built any. So a search may be fruitless and time consuming. You may be able to find some through our Tiny House Marketplace.

Rent Tiny Houses Near Me (You) for the Weekend

tiny houses near me-rent Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who get into the tiny house movement, only to have circumstances happen upon them and force them to go back to big living. Many of these folks in turn rent their tiny homes out. There is no better way to see if you are right for tiny living than to spend a couple nights doing so. and are two personal rental websites with very robust filters, but they have not yet broken out “Tiny House” as a category. But let me promise you that they are there. Choose “bungalow”, “studio”, or sometimes “other” to find them. I have also found them under “whole House” and then I choose 1 bedroom and voila! Tiny houses await! Some of these tiny house owners will even let you come by and take a peek at the house without having to stay in it. But here is a word of advice: stay. Stay for a couple of days and really get a feel for it. Don’t be the couple going, “Wow! It’s so small!” because I will yell at you on my television. You may also find someone near you on the Tiny House Map that would be open to giving you a tour.

At Least Get a Feel for the Space

tiny houses near me-shedIf there are no tiny house builders near you, you can at least get a feel for the space (or lack thereof) by finding a local shed dealer. Go take a look at a shed that is about 8 ft. wide by whatever length they have and now picture your entire life in there. There is a lot less room than you think. Some people will mark out the dimensions on their garage or living room floor so they can visualize how much room they will have and try to put everything they have within that space. But without actual walls, the space within the floor markings can appear deceivingly small.

The average tiny house is about 192 sq. ft. which is smaller than some people’s bathroom. So it takes a lot to go tiny and no matter how small you think it might be, when you see it in person you are still going to be surprised. But that is mostly because it is relative to what you are used to. Which is why it’s better to spend some quality time in a home. So get out there and look! You are bound to end up saying, “Wow! There are a lot of tiny houses near me!”

Have you rented or stayed in a tiny house? Tell us about your experience!

19 thoughts on “The Tiny House Hunt: How to Find Tiny Houses Near Me

  1. Amy said:

    I have lived in a 6 X 8′ tiny stick built camper (double bed, small counter with sink, toilet in a closet) for 6 months now. When my 8 X 20′ tiny house is completed I might have so much room I won’t know what to do with it all!

  2. Jovita Sharp said:

    Getting divorced after 37+ yrs. don’t want stairs due to bad knees. Prefer twin beds, would LOVE if one could be an adjustable bed? I also have a Chiweenie dog that sleeps in his crate. Tiny house will go in my moms double lot backyard, so that we can each have our own space ☺ I currently live in a 2417 sq. ft.home in Lincoln CA & she’s in So. Sacramento CA. Help…

    • Mike said:

      I’m building a tiny house with a roll out queen size bed on an adjustable frame (or at least that is the plan). So it can certainly be done. I don’t have any pictures of my layout up yet, but will when it’s done, hopefully by this Fall.

  3. Felicia Haislip said:

    I too yell at the TV when I see a couple comment at the end of the show “wow, so tiny” or at the beginning they want FULL SIZE kitchen…hello, tiny means downsizing some items! I also have to shake my head at the shows where a family with 2 kids, pets, and expecting more wee ones want to move into a tiny house. I yell at the TV for them to get in touch with reality…kids will want their own space when they get older…Now that I have vented…I love tiny homes. I have lived overseas and fell in love with the simplicity of being tiny and minimalist. I love the infinite ways storage can be configured in tiny spaces.

  4. Deborah Martin said:

    Hi I am looking into buying a 3 bedroom tiny house for me and 2 sister’s. Can you help with that?

    • Tom Bastek said:

      All of the homes that we build are less than 300 sq ft and are on trailers. 3 bedrooms would be a tight fit.

  5. Christabel Dinwiddie said:

    Are you in Illinois?

    • Tom Bastek said:

      We are based in Atlanta, GA with trailer fabrication locations in Utah, Florida, and Toronto, Canada.

  6. Cynthia Daily said:

    Are there any tiny house communities in north Texas? I have to stay in this area but would love to have s tiny house.

  7. Cbrot said:

    Need to find property and need help with building a slab to build tiny home in cape Coral Florida. Does anyone build here and is it allowed by city???

    • Diane said:

      Cape Coral is known for their tight and arbitrary building codes. I suggest researching this first.

  8. Channin Daugherty said:

    I live in California on the San Francisco Peninsula. I need to find land in the Portola Valley area for a tiny house and assistance in locating a quality builder

  9. Judith M Chrismon said:

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing a tiny house for just me. My 2 sons are adults with families of their own now. So, it’s time for me to relax, enjoy retirement & my grandchildren. I want to be able to afford a home that doesn’t rake me over the coals every month & inundate me with cleaning unused areas on a wkly basis. While reading some of your recommendations I realized that I do need to stay in a tiny house, @ least for a couple of days. I’ll do this ASAP. I would like to move in my home by my birthday in Sept. Can you recommend any builders in Delaware? I certainly would appreciate it if you could. Thank you for all the needed information you provided.

  10. jenette a witt said:

    I’m looking for any tiny house construction builders in Iowa

  11. Uriah said:

    I usually just tell those who are considering downsizing to take everything in their house and move it in the smallest bedroom, including their pets and themselves! Most of them have since decided against downsizing.

  12. Danielle LaRock said:

    We rent out two tiny houses and an airstream on AirBnB and there is actually a filter to choose tiny homes or campers now! If you want to come to the Harpers Ferry WV area, you can stay in a tiny home with us. Our website is

    (Also we highly recommend the Tiny Home Builders Workshop to get a feel for tiny houses, even if you don’t plan to build it yourself!)

  13. Pen in SC said:

    I live in SC and I am asking if it is remotely possible to have a 300 sq ft home built for less than 30k? I have been shopping around and the prices are ridiculous!

  14. Michelle said:

    Is there any way to build a tiny house to accommodate 7 people? 2 adults, 10yr old boy, 2yr old boy, 10 month old boy, 3yr old girl, and 7 yr old girl? Maybe put 2 tiny houses together so that the 10 yr old boy and 7 yr old girl have thier own room and the 2 younger boys share a room and the 3 yr old has her own room?

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