Can a Family Fit in a Tiny House?

With the Tiny House movement on the rise, more and more people are considering going tiny. The two main demographics are childless couples and retirees. But what if you are a happy family of five? Can the tiny house be for you? Here are some questions to ask and resources to help find answers for all those soon to be tiny house families.

Wow. A whole family in a tiny house? Just think of all their STUFF! Where would we put it? What would their friends think? What would his friend’s mom think of ME? What address would we give the school? Do I have to be worried about Child Protective Services? Are there pamphlets on potty training via composting bucket? Don’t panic!

As a mother myself, in the planning stages of building tiny, I have had to do my own research. What I discovered was that Tiny House Families have good reason to be firm stakeholders in the movement. Moreover, there are already many, many, many families successfully living tiny.

To name a few of those brave pioneers:

The Kasl Family

tiny house families - berzins

The Berzins Family living tiny so they can grow a mortgage-free homestead.

tiny house families - macy

Macy, James, Hazel,& their dog, Denver living more with less.

Things to Consider:

  1. Define your values. Prioritize what you think is important in life; ex. Career, Family, Leisure, Pursuing dreams. In reality, how much time are you devoting? You may find that a Tiny Home will help you balance your values and goals with your way of living.
  2. Children learn to value life experiences more than material possessions
  3. “Forced” to enjoy outdoor space. More fresh air and exercise!
  4. Tinier homes are easier and less costly to maintain
  5. Ability to afford higher quality foods
  6. Less pressure to “keep up with the Joneses”
  7. Less sq. footage means less time needed to clean
  8. Less stuff means less tidying (downsizing your closet means less laundry, too!)
  9. Less space to accumulate clutter = more pocket $ and less overwhelming
  10. More financial stability
  11. Pay off debt faster
  12. Work Schedule and projects on your terms
  13. More time to pursue dreams
  14. More funds and time to explore leisure opportunities and relaxing vacations.
  15. More quality family time (eating together, activities together)
  16. Less arguments over money means happier marriage. One of the best indicators of marital discord is “financial disagreements”. (2009, Dew)
  17. Homeownership!   Bonus: Parents who own their own home may be helping boost their children’s education achievements and even reduce behavior problems.
  18. Stability in that no matter where you go, no matter if you lose your job or some unforeseen occurrence, your family will have the same four walls and a roof over their head.


  1. Have patience. Just because you have done your research does not mean everyone has. If you come up against roadblocks, be prepared to share your findings and help educate people.
  2. Check with Zoning in the city you will reside in. You would hate to run the risk of eviction. This might mean a devastating change in the school system and loss of community.

Still not sure? Go spend some time in a tiny house for vacation! See if it works for you. Read More: The Tiny House Hunt: How to Find Tiny Houses Near Me

There are so many benefits of Tiny House living. As long as families are prepared and plan for any issues that may arise, tiny house living can be an easy transition. After all, there is no denying the positive physical and emotional impact that improves the whole family’s quality of life. And I promise, it’s not anything like an episode of the Alaskan Bush People.

Do you think you could live with your family in a tiny house? Let us know in the comments below!

Published on 8/30/2023. Published in Tiny House Research.

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