Tiny House Decks

If you are reading this blog, then you are probably a tiny house enthusiast. We love the minimalistic lifestyle of living in one of these small wonders but sometimes you need a little more space. One of the best ways to expand your space in a tiny house is to live outside of it as much as possible. Tiny house decks are definitely a great way to help you bring your living space outdoors and make your home feel even larger. Here are some great tiny house decks to help inspire your designs.

Aussie Tiny Houses has taken the tiny house deck to another level! They have designed a deck built on separate trailer that can slide right up against your home to add a butt load of additional space. They have three different designs, one that even incorporates what they call a pod that adds an additional enclosed room.   

Aussie Tiny House deck

The Drake by Land Ark allows you to easily take your deck on the road with you. They claim that the manual crack only takes 2 minutes to lower the deck. Less time than it takes to make a margarita!  

The Drake by Land Ark

Amplified Tiny House is a musician's dream. This deck not only adds space to your home but doubles as a speaker for your electric instrument! What will they think of next?

Tiny House Decks with speaker

The tiny Atlas looks like a party waiting to happen. It also has a fold down deck that is super convenient for travel. Looks more like a tiny bar than a house. Drinks are on me! 

TTiny House Deck bar

The Australian family the built this tiny house has a real love for nature. They wanted their partially covered deck to be the centerpiece of their extensive garden. I think you can sit out there and pick your own salad! 

Tiny House Deck garden

I can't even stand how cute the Acorn is! At 98 square feet a deck on this teeny house really makes a difference. 

98 sq foot house with deck

Containers homes have become very popular lately and for good reasons. One being how sturdy they are. They just beg the builder to add a rooftop deck like the one in this home by Cubica. 

Container home rooftop deck

A 16-foot-long tiny house with a lower and an upper deck?! Now that's taking it to another level (pun intended) 😉. This little house is designed to travel in style. 

16 tiny house with rooftop deck

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to tiny house decks. You can use them as living rooms, dining rooms or even kitchens.

Hopefully, you have found a little inspiration for your tiny house deck. What kind of porch do you want on your tiny home? Let me know in the comments below.



Published on 10/11/2023. Published in Tiny House Style.

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