The Inside Story: Taylor and Leah

Over the years Tiny Home Builders have worked with countless people in the tiny home community, from advocates and enthusiasts to building companies, and diy’ers, maybe even a few naysayers. They all have a unique story to share, and this is one of them. (Please look for more stories in this blog series: “The Inside Story”)

In 2017, Taylor and his wife Leah began to reevaluate what their priorities were at their stage in life. They knew they wanted to simplify their lives and move towards financial freedom. Their investigations led them to explore the idea of building and living in a tiny house. They decided to take the plunge and purchased a 16’X 8’ trailer from Tiny Home Builders.

So What's the Plan?

They decided to build a classic style tiny home with a gabled roof, dormers and sleeping loft.

The kitchen would be the heart of the home and include a four-burner gas stove, full size fridge and custom handmade cabinets. Even an enclosure for their kitty’s litter box.

Well, How Did it Go?

For the couple, the hardest part of the process was “Finding time to work on the TH amidst all of us having full time jobs and family” But their perseverance paid off and after 2 years and about $22,000 their goal was achieved. “Putting on the final touches” was by far their favorite part of the process.

Taylor and Leah began this adventure “in order to become debt free” and are happy to report their success. “Living debt free is one of the most freeing aspects of Life!” They said they would do it all over again, but it would have been much easier after retirement. When asked what advise they would give others considering this path they said “Know your priorities. It is a very time-consuming process and you have to be dedicated to the idea of just starting with a trailer.”

Thanks Taylor and Leah for sharing your story! If you have built a home on a Tiny Home Builders Trailer or have used one of our plans, we would love to share your story. Just drop me a line at

Published on 1/30/2021. Published in Tiny House Living.

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