7 Cool Tiny House Rentals

Tiny homes have become super popular all around the country. And why not? They are affordable to build, easy to maintain, can be moved to almost any location, are great for the environment and are just so darn cute! Many people have taken the giant leap to live tiny permanently, but others are still on the fence, not sure if they can be happy in such a small space. An entire new market of vacation rentals have sprung up to satisfy the curiosity of the tiny house lover. If you want to know if tiny is for you, renting one of these small abodes is a great start. There are so many great tiny house rentals out there, from single units in remote locations, to small villages in popular areas. Here is a list of my top 7.

Number 1: Matlacha Village, Matlacha Fl.

Matlacha Florida is just west of Fort Myers on the causeway going from the mainland to Pine Island. This adorable little community offers 3 tiny homes. Each one is painted in a different bright color that just screams beach vacation! The amenities in the village include a BBQ grill, dock, sun deck and kayaks. My favorite home there is called Margarita. It's spacious, the closest to the water and who doesn't need a margarita?

Number 2: The Perch, Wellsville Pennsylvania 

Perched on an outcrop overlooking the Conewago mountains, this sweet tiny home for two offers a stylish, relaxing getaway where you can slow down for a few days with your favorite human.

This home sits on a private 10 acre lot. It features a deck, picnic area, hammock, and its own fire pit with a view of the Conewago mountains. 





Number 3: Think Big TH Resort, Catskills NY

Located in the Catskills of New York, this tiny house resort is one of a kind. Along with beautiful water views this resort includes an in ground heated pool, hiking trails and a waterfall, kayaks, tubing, a floating raft, baby goats, ducks and bunnies.

Did I say baby goats? And yes you can do yoga with them! My favorite house is The Flat. It's one of the bigger homes and has a magnificent view!



Number 4: Tiny Glass House, Griffin GA. 

The Tiny Glass House offers a self-sufficient, unique glamping experience unlike any other, only 13 miles from High Falls State Park.

Sleep under the stars, then wake up surrounded by nature, cozy in a tiny house with windows surrounding you.

Number 5: Yellow & Blue, Waco Texas

   This unique container home sleeps two people in the ground floor Murphy bed.

Nature, peace and quiet are your neighbors as you hang out on the spacious rooftop deck.


Number 6: Getaway, Los Angeles Ca.

There is a really cool rental company called Getaway. They specialize in tiny home rentals within driving distance of large cities all around the US. The one you see is here is a property outside of Los Angeles Ca.

They encourage their clientele to pack light and lock their technology away in provided cell phone boxes.


Number 7: Potluck String Lodge, Winona Minnesota 

Potluck String Lodge (PSL) is situated within Prairie Island Campground along the Mississippi River. 

This tiny house tells a story about the Boats and Bluegrass music festival and one of the campground picking circles hosted by the Potluck String Band.

There are so many tiny house rentals out there and as tiny homes grow in popularity there are going to be many more.

From mountain top to city center, choose your location and experience preference and there is sure to be a tiny home to rent!

If you want to see new tiny house rental opportunities follow our Pinterest board. I list new rentals all the time.

Published on 5/24/2023. Published in Tiny House Community.

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