About Jay Shafer

The following information was taken from Jay Shafer’s website before it was taken down. Jay Shafer has inspired countless individuals and been instrumental in the Tiny House Movement and I wanted to preserve his legacy. Jay Shafer is not affiliated with Tiny Home Builders.

Jay Shafer I moved into my first tiny house eighteen years ago. I’ve been making beautiful, functional, little dwellings for other folks to live in ever since. In 1999 I published my first article about the merits of simple living and began speaking out against the legislated ban on small homes in the US. I believe people should be allowed to live as simply as they choose. Since the recent housing bust, bank bailouts, and subsequent economic downturn, there has been increasing demand for well-designed, affordable homes, and more sensible laws.

I’ve spent the past eighteen years refining my designs to produce some of the most high-functioning tiny homes available. To work well, such a structure has to meet the specific needs of its occupant(s), without waste or excess. The houses I currently offer through Four Lights Tiny House Company are designed to do just that: provide homeowners with everything they want and need, and nothing they don’t. To date, they are my very best.

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