40 Garden Way, Cabot, VT 05647
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For Sale, and Rent

Headwaters is built around a shared ethic modeled on the permaculture principles of care for earth, care for people, fair share, and a sustainable life. We are trying to bring our own lives in alignment with our values, and also to share our experience with others through our educational, wellness, and art programs. At Headwaters, ​we strive for a balance between community life and individual freedom. Each household owns the land their house is on and some land around it, and we manage the common land together. We all strive to do things in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. We work to raise our children in a very safe and healthy environment, to grow food for ourselves and our neighbors, and to expand our spirits and sense of community with everything we do. We are committed to making Headwaters permanently affordable, so people who join us agree to accept a limited equity arrangement on the resale of their home, and to work with our construction guidelines.

House Type(s): Tiny House on a Trailer, Tiny House on a Foundation, Container Home, and Other

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