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Spur , Texas 79370
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1000 total lots

We propose that tiny houses in small towns yield even more freedom and offer a unique opportunity to regain a sense of community and self sufficiency. So we’re proud of our city council resolution, passed in July, 2014, that declared Spur the nations’ first tiny house friendly town, where you can build or bring your dream house, no matter the size and set it on a foundation on a regular city lot and live the way you choose. After two years, over 70 lots have been sold to folks planning to make Spur their new home. As folks have begun moving here, various definitions of “tiny houses” have been bandied about and the city council has settled, for now, on a definition that most people consider somewhat standard in the tiny house movement. Any tiny house that features wood or metal framing, flush toilets connected to city utilities and electrical work properly done, is welcome in Spur. All new houses must be set on a foundation that is re-enforced with some rebar and goes at least six inches below ground, (The Texas frostline). Details can be found in the city ordinance posted on the ‘city proclamation’ page of this website. If you already own a tiny house on wheels that fits the above description and are looking for a permanent home, we’ll be watching the horizon, waiting to welcome you! We’ll get you help to remove the axles( the last set took all of fifteen minutes to remove), store them and set your house down on its new foundation. A simple (and free) permitting process will establish that your house design meets structural safety requirements.

House Type(s): Tiny House on a Trailer, Tiny House on a Foundation, Container Home, RV, and Park Model

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Phone: (806) 271-3316


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