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What are the benefits of living at Simple Home Community? There are so many unforeseen benefits to living at Simply Home Community that we’ve created a Why I Love Simply Home Community google document that we all add to. Here are a few: We have community dinners 7 nights per week so we each cook once a week and come home to a delicious dinner the other 6 nights of the week. We have people around to talk to and hang out with. We have people to share the work and fun with. We help each other out with projects. We host parties and events together. We have a family phone plan, a bulk buy, and a shared Netflix account. We’ve enjoyed sharing resources as well as the highs and lows of everyday life. There have been a few nice “and that’s why we live in community” moments (such as the day Lina realized she’d ordered the wrong size bath tub and it happened to be exactly the size Karin was about to order!) Where can I learn more about what it's like to live at Simply Home Community? Explore our website. Keep reading through the FAQ. Watch this Simply Home Community Video by our friends Jenna and Guillaume from Tiny House Giant Journey. Or watch the update they did when Simply Home Community Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary. Read these blog posts by Billy Ulmer of Unlikely Lives about Finding Balance in a Tiny House Community and Making Tiny House Community Work Come check our place out in real life on a Simply Home Community Tour, a Personalized Lucky Penny Tour, a Personalized Serenity Tour, or a Personalized Infrastructure Tour.

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