Jemez Springs

200 Spruce Loop Jemez Springs, NM 87025
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Looking for a host that lives in their own Tiny/RV/trailer to trade/barter for rent for basic Airbnb cleaning. Beautiful woodland acre Located 10min from Jemez Springs art village NM. Available and needed ASAP! It is new so it's not booked daily yet and we would work out in terms of cleaning per job and actual costs depending on your electric usage mostly. Full 50amp and septic hookups ready to go. The water here is known for healing. Hot springs abound. The property itself has a SPA! The rental is also a Tiny house so it usually takes little effort to maintain for guests. BONUS: If you are a healer, I can list your services. There are bunch of local jobs currently hiring. Chill place to be all around. 3 month duration and possibly long term. Please send me a message and I will give you more details and directions. The website linked is the rental listing. Plenty of space for parking. Private and very Safe! If you know of someone, connecting them would be appreciated!

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