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Gulf Coast Tiny House Parking Pensacola Florida Alabama Line

Pensacola, Florida 32526
2 available lots
2 total lots

Transaction Type(s): Rent

House Type(s): Tiny House on a Trailer, and Converted Vehicle

We live on one acre, with half of it open, clear land in a small, safe town right outside of Pensacola, Florida. It is also down the road from the Beach Express to Orange Beach and Gulfshores, Alabama. At this time it is suitable for tiny houses that are self contained. We can offer short term water and electricity. The electricity will run most things, but trips the breaker if two heavy items run at the same time. Ex: turn AC off while running microwave. In the near future we will add more features. It is a large piece of land compared to being elbow-to-elbow at the local rv parks. Well behaved pets are welcome. We have a dog. It is near a gas station, and more than one public boat launch. FYI stuff: We do not allow parties on the property. We are near a couple of churches, and live next door to the fire chief. Quiet and secure. No fires at this time. No tank dumping, but we can give you a free address where to take it. Please ask ahead of time, and we can find resources for what you might need.

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Phone: 707-797-7673


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