Ultralight On/Off Grid Solar Cabin

806 N Market St Gridley, Illinois 61744
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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2022
210 sq ft
No Land

A “New Generation” of "GREEN" Tiny Houses! “Light As A Travel Trailer, Built Like A House” For Decades the Tiny House Community has fantasized about a Truly Light Weight Tiny House. And For Decades, the Challenge appeared insurmountable. (Conventional Wood Frame 210 Sq. Ft. Tiny Houses Weigh 12,000+ lbs!) CAT Builders took this “Lightweight Tiny House Challenge” One Step Further; Our Mission; -Integrate “Old School” Accepted Aerospace Structural Weight Reducing Practices, With Cutting Edge Technological Advances in; -Super Efficient Insulation -Lightweight Affordable Solar -High Capacity Battery Storage -High Efficiency Appliances/Lighting To Develop and Manufacture A “NEW “GREEN” GENERATION” of; -Light Weight (5700 lb. FULLY FURNISHED “Delivered” “Dry Weight”) [Pulls with an F-150 pickup] -Highly Insulated R52 Roof R23 Walls R26.7 Floor (exceeds min. CANADIAN Energy Star) -Super Energy Efficient (12v System draws 124 amps[1500 Watts] per WINTER DAY) [Furnace, Lights, Water Pump, Water Heater, 5.6 cu.ft. Food Freezer, Fan, Phone Chargers] -Solar Powered(Recessed Panels tilt out to attain direct solar angle)[see photo] -1080 Watt System Capable 80 Amp Hourly Charge -900 Amp Battery Storage -Renology 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter -4500 Watt Duel Fuel Inverter "Back-Up" Generator -Super Low Cost of Living -ON/extended OFF GRID READY -Year Round Primary Residence TINY HOUSE Or; RETIREE'S -Travel Any Season, AT HOME In Comfort MILLENNIAL'S -Reduce Your Carbon Footprint To Almost Zero -Live Anywhere For Almost Free! PREPPER'S -Freezer holds 200 lbs Frozen Food -Laundry(adds 200 lbs to cabin) -Everything you need! Model Pictured Currently under Development/Construction. Completed Insulated Framing With Trailer Weighs 4180 lbs(see photos) We May Cost A Little More, But Only Because You Get A Lot More! *Complete info/pictures/systems performance data available at ultralightsolarcabins.com

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Sleeping Loft


Listed by Ultralight Solar Cabins on 05/12/2021


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