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Ultimate flexibility -Converted 34' Classic Airstream Tiny House

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2001
272 sq ft
No Land

Classic Edition 34' Airstream, 2001 with solar panels and tiny "Hobbit" wood burning stove imported from England. Stove has granite hearth and metal surround for ambience and safety. Home is very,very clean and in very good condition. Used and loved for several years as a tiny cabin on a Colorado mountain property. Updated decor including brushed metal cabinet pulls and replacement of cabinet door mirrors with textured glass. 272 sq. ft. One bed, 1 bath with couch and dining banquet that convert to beds -sleeps 4 adults, one child. All of the amazing features Airstream trailers are known for including tremendous storage and attention to craftsmanship. Tremendous flexibility. Solar panels fold down flat. Stove pipe is detachable. Classic aerodynamics and cool retro exterior that Airstream owners know and love. Park in in a tiny home community or travel the country! Welcome to your affordable tiny home!

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