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Tiny House with First Floor Bedroom Premium

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2021
192 sq ft
No Land

8x24 Tiny House (192 sq. ft) Constructed in 2021, this THOW features a living room, kitchen with butcher block countertops, bathroom, downstairs bedroom, and a 7x7 loft with access from both sides. The tiny house is plumbed for on-grid or off grid water. For the off-grid option, it also includes a new composting toilet, water tank, water pump, and for the on-grid water hook-up, a heated water hose. Interior heating and cooling is provided by a Mitsubishi Mini-split. The builder has specified that they put in 2 inches of spray foam insulation in the walls, ceiling and floors. Further pictures are available of the step-by-step construction of the tiny house as well.

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