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Tiny House Tiny Home 17 feet long and 9 foot ceiling Premium

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Tiny House on a Trailer

2 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2021
90 sq ft
No Land

This unique tiny house/guest house/camper, deer blind or whatever you want to call it or make it out to be was built by an older gentleman in the last 9 months. He built this as an enjoyable hobby type project to take his mind off of the world that is falling apart fast...sort of like Noah did with the ark not too long ago... ;) Seriously, as you can tell, he has an incredible talent for building and I am selling this since he lives in a small town in Kansas which is away from the larger cities like Hays. Please call Dale who built this if you are interested...and if he sold it recently he can build you a similar one this winter at his home. His cell is... 785-216-0779 Selling for $5,850 and no less since the cedar wood and other materials alone cost over $2,000 and I am not including all the labor and time he put into this. Then a mobile home trailer is fairly expensive on top of this compared to your standard utility or even your camper trailers. As you already know, tiny homes/tiny houses sell for around $20k and up. Therefore, if someone just wanted to just add a few inexpensive things to this unit to finish it out it would be an incredible bargain compared to the cost of a typical tiny home. As you can tell from the photos these tiny homes give you the feel of a home.....rather than the feel of a camper or the metal type feel of a utility trailer that was converted into a camper. Tiny homes are more expensive also since they are not made like a camper. They are made with more expensive materials and beefed up with a lot of heavy wood. This heavy wood requires a much more expensive trailer frame and suspension to handle the weight. You could of course just use this unit just like it is right now if you didn't want to get too fancy with it. ... Again, please look at the other sites to see more details...and give me a call. Have a great day

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