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Tiny Home on Wheels!

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Tiny House on a Trailer

0 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2023
160 sq ft
No Land

PHOTOS ARE SHOW MODEL Our tiny homes on wheels are meant to be a flexible option for people who need additional space, but want the option to be mobile at a moment’s notice. They are also often used as primary dwelling units for the traveling, minimalistic individual or couple who craves adventure. Tiny homes start at 160 sq. ft. (8’*20’) and come with both on/off grid options. Each Tiny Home is built on a steel chassis to allow for almost any internal design without having to worry about weight. Built much like our Expandable Homes and Flat Packs, our lightweight EPS sandwich panels keep the weight at a minimum while providing maximum insulation. We offer bigger sizes as well! Increase the length of your tiny home in increments of 5′ to suit your needs (up to 40′ max.). The width of our tiny homes is set at 8ft regardless of length, to ensure that it is legal to tow on all roads in the United States. Keeping these homes on wheels allows owners to put them anywhere without having to worry about the permits that come with fixed construction. Unlike traditional home builds, our tiny homes on wheels are ready to pick up in under 100 days! Full Specifications Base: 50*100mm galvanized tubes & 40*60mm galvanized tubes & fiber cement 18mm Floor: wood laminate floor (finishes available) Bathroom floor: stone plastic floor (finishes available) Column: 50*80*50*2mm galvanized tube Beam: 50*120mm galvanized tubes & 40*60mm galvanized tubes, 2450*773mm (L*H) Purlin: 50*100*1.2mm galvanized tube Walls: 75mm EPS sandwich panels Roof: 75mm EPS sandwich panels Exterior door: 2000*2500mm broken bridge aluminum holly double glass sliding door Bathroom door: 800*2000mm Titanium magnesium alloy doors Windows: 2000*500mm broken bridge aluminum holly double glass sliding window, exterior cladding, interior cladding Bathroom: Black Basin 600*400, toilet, shower 800*1000 Exterior wall decoration: sauna board, 9/95mm Interior decoration: bamboo wood fiberboard

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