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albany, oregon 97321
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Tiny House Shell on a Foundation

0 beds - 0 baths
For Sale
130 sq ft
No Land
Built 2010

Tiny home/small cabins or drive through. $4500 each or $8250 for both. Great deal for someone looking for economical option for tiny home. On skids. Not on wheels. Buyer to arrange for loading and moving. Estimated moving costs in past around $2500 for 50miles. Thick fir siding to withstand the northwest weather (only one end of cabin with fir siding missing. Rustic appearance. One with small overhang/porch area and handicap sized door. Other one with skylight. Both with a lot of windows to bring nature inside. Room for futon that can fold out to couch, bathroom, and small kitchen on layout had planned. Dimensions within sizing to turn into low riding trailer for trailer model, when I reviewed in past. Buyer to do own due diligence. Inside finished to stud stage. My plans for property bought for had fallen through. My loss, your gain. Owned them about 7years. Built probably about 10-12years ago. Unsure builder; someone had them built to turn into drive through that was never completed. Cabin #1: 8 feet 9inches wide. 16feet & 9inches long; 12 feet and 7 inches high with skylight Cabin #2: 8 feet 4 inches wide. 16 feet 5 inches long with additional 4 feet porch roof overhang. height 12 feet 7inches high. Estimated weight 5000-8000pounds each.

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Cash Only
Listed by syncline on 06/06/2021


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