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The Wabi-sabi Tiny House Premium

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
260 sq ft
No Land

Incredibly Spacious Tiny House - $90k obo This tiny house is incredibly spacious. It’s 26ft x 10ft, and the multi-level design combined with french doors and large windows makes this house feel bigger than any tiny house I’ve been in. It’s always the first surprised comment of any guest. The trailer is triple-axled with dropped axles installed, which makes for as tall of an interior as possible without going over 13’6”, allowing for a 51” bedroom loft at the highest point. The main floor is raised 19” allowing for a 8’ x 7’ x 19” storage area underneath, with two floor panels for access. There are a number well-hidden cubbies elsewhere in the house, a small coat closet, a good-sized wardrobe in the bedroom, storage for shoebox sized bins in the floors of the secondary loft, even toe-kick drawers under the kitchen cabinets. A mini non-insulated shed sits on the trailer tongue to hold even more gear. Storage is ample. The raised main floor still leaves plenty of height in the main room, and descending into the kitchen on one side or the bathroom on the other creates a nice separation of rooms. The main bedroom loft is a very spacious 10’x10’, with two large 5’x2.5’ windows. There is a reading/tea drinking/movie watching nook with a large casement window looking out the front of the house, which leads to the secondary loft that works well as a lounge. The secondary loft could also be partially walled off if needed as a child’s sleeping area, and a small balcony can be added off the large window. The kitchen is as spacious as the rest of the house. There is a 4 burner stove with oven and a large (for a tiny house!) fridge/freezer combo. Lots of cabinet space and little nooks for extra storage. Best of all, a live-edge Chestnut countertop looks out through double casement windows. The bathroom has a 5’ shower enclosure and sink. A standard composting toilet setup is enclosed in maple hardwood.... See full ad at:

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Storage Loft
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