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The Bluejay - Built by real tiny dwellers Premium

Houston, Texas
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
160 sq ft
1 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2019

We live tiny. We get it. Really. My wife and I really do live in a tiny home. We walk the walk. We started our tiny journey infatuated with the lore and mystique of tiny living that you see on TV. (Maybe that describes you?) Over 2 years later, the honeymoon phase is over; we know what works, and what doesn't. We've learned the difference between gadgets, and gimmicks. Our goal is to pass our lessons-learned, to you. That's why we fussed over every detail of the Bluejay to engineer a home that will serve you for decades without annoying you... -NOAH certified -Steel frame by Volstrukt -It is on a tiny house trailer, not a utility trailer -Flushing toilet -All devices are UL-listed, or ETL-listed (no cheap amazon gadgetry - this is a big deal) -Cabinet hardware by Blum (no cheap hinges or rails from the hardware store) -Our drawer tech is so exclusive, we patented them! -Our CoolLoft technology, also a Step 2 exclusive, will help keep your loft cool and fresh. Hot air rises. Lofts get stuffy real fast. We have yet to find other tiny's that have even tried to solve this very real problem. -Built-in ERV -Smart-home ready ("Alexa, turn on the porch lights") -The stairs take up ZERO space when not in use (see pic) -Full sized residential fridge + ice maker -Full sized microwave -Full sized washer/dryer combo -High security tongue shed - handle lock + dead bolt, concealed hinges, concealed screws, weather stripped -Notice that the mini-split unit is installed *correctly*, 12 inches away from the wall, per manufacturer's specs (now compare this to all other tiny homes. Go on, see for yourself :) ) -Whole-house water filter + softener -LOTS of outlets, almost ALL of them with built-in USB ports -All cabinets lighted. Your fridge lights up when you open it, why not your cabinets?? -20 lb propane tanks, not 30 lb. Why? Because you can swap out a 20-pounder just about anywhere! 30-pounders, not so much... ...and so much more. Hit me up!

Features Include: Sleeping Loft, Laundry, Stairs, and Certified

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