Stunning ECO tiny house

17026 Whittier Drive Bend, oregon 977O7
For Sale
Tiny House on a Trailer
345 sq ft
3 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2020

This 28', 345 square foot tiny house is made of the purest and finest Eco materials, every detail is carefully planned and thought thru. *This home is guaranteed not to off gas anything into the indoor environment and have the space and functionality of long term tiny home living... we even made this home friendly to EMF sensitive individuals by limiting the electrical to only one side of the home, so the occupants are not surrounded by EMF. *This home has 3 bedrooms! (2 large lofts and a large master on the ground floor) a full spacious bathroom, with real flushing toilet and vanity... on demand hot water heater and custom eco shower with real river rock basin... the wood for this entire home is organically sourced locally and completely chemical free, aside from the hard wood floor that has been coated with an eco sealant that is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, phalates and any other toxic substance and absolutely will not off gas. *The home was designed for long term livability so it's not cramped and cluttered with a ton of odd and interesting cubbies and that make you have a tiny rabbit trail to live in... this home is for real living! And you can actually put your belongings and decorations where you want! *We use only the best Iron Eagle trailers for our homes, with triple axles and brand new upgraded tires. We use steel roofs, and flashing on every seam! The plumbing is standard RV so you can take this home anywhere! Insulation is the eco denim R-21 for the entire house. We use an eco sheathing that we have designed and make on site. Only the very best for our homes! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions :) Features Include: Sleeping Loft, and Stairs

Features Include: Sleeping Loft, and Stairs


Listed by Wilder Homes on 02/21/2020
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