Solar Powered Off Grid Tiny Home

Bodman Rd Mt Orab, Ohio 45154
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Listed by Joshua on 02/19/2024

Tiny House on a Foundation

0 beds - 0 baths
For Sale
Built in 2023
192 sq ft
No Land

For sale is an open floor plan 192SF tiny home. The exterior is metal siding and roofing. The house includes a 160SF porch. The porch and house are separate units. Included is 110gal of rain water storage with a water pump and expansion tank. The water system is not currently set up to be potable. Included is a fridge and there are connections for a washer dryer combo unit but I haven't currently installed one. The house includes 3.2kw of solar panels, a 5kw inverter / charger that can be connected to a generator or the grid, and 1600AH of SLA battery storage with a 165F supercapacitor to handle any surges. The house is heated and cooled with a 1ton ductless minisplit unit and for the cold winter months there is a supplemental propane heater included. The floor is constructed of 2x8s with R28 blown in cellulose insulation, the walls are 2x6s with R23 mineral wool insulation, and the roof is constructed of 2x4s with R60 mineral wool insulation and a 2" air gap for ventilation. I've added a few additional features since the latest photos were taken such as a screen door, additional shelving, etc. The price does not include the cost to move/ship the house but I can try to work with you to arrange any transportation that is required. Thanks for looking!

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Covered Porch


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