Slightly Purple Pine tiny home

Windham, New Hampshire 03087
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Tiny House on a Trailer

0 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2020
200 sq ft
No Land

Tiny house with a beautiful outside and inside. You and all your things will have a wonderful pine smell after living in for a while. Every time you step through the front door, you will be hit by the beautiful smell of pine. The house needs some attention. However, it is fully ready to be lived in. Can fit a full king or queen in loft if desired. Has a on demand propane water heater that works very well. Given the proper skirting, the house does very well in the winter with even a small electric heater. Propane stovetop with 2 burners for the kitchen. Conventional toilet and shower. The house will come with a heated water hose, 8 jack stands for foundation, a retro fridge, a RV sewer pipe if wanted, 4 tire covers, and 2 propane tanks. There is already insulated pipes and heat tape for the winter. There is some eyesores that can be easily taken care of with the right motivation and time. Will gladly discuss all issues with prospective buyers and am open to honest discussions of the house. I personally lived in the house for a year and am sad to see it go, however, my direction in life deems living in the house next to impossible. Will gladly talk of my experiences living in it. Will also discuss my set up process, and can point people to a prospective landlord. Looking for an enthusiastic buyer who will share the love of the house.

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Listed by Nick on 11/12/2022


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