Rustic Elegance

Tehachapi, California 93561

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For Sale
Traditional Trailer
270 sq ft
0 beds
1 baths
No Land
Built 2017

New 22'+ tiny on wheels, elegant with a renovated-urban-loft feel, with brick and barnwood and modern fixtures. New 22' heavy duty Carson trailer underneath, with brakes and lights. flooring is Bamboo and hickory, brick is real, sawn to 3/8" thick to reduce the weight. Heated and cooled by new 9,000 btu split system, whisper quiet with a remote control. Bath has a 4' wide shower, flush toilet and the floor is travertine. Water is heated with a propane on-demand heater. Entire structure and metal roof is screwed together for durability down the highway but home is intended to be placed somewhere special for a while. Hookups are standard RV, so hook up a hose and an extension cord and you're good. Waste tank drains to any septic or sewer. Waste can also be pumped uphill and/or longer distance, and we will help you figure out all that. We will deliver in CA. Video on youtube: search "tiny house listings" - "rustic elegance". Washer not included, but hookups are installed.

Features Include: Kitchen, Sleeping Loft, Laundry

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Mike Pryor 


Tehachapi, California 93561

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