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Off-Grid 8' x 22' Built for Travel

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Cash Only

Tiny House on a Trailer

2 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2018
176 sq ft
No Land

This 8' x 22' tiny home was built for travel! It is equipped with a 1240-watt solar array, allowing it to be completely off-grid, and it is well insulated with rigid foam for colder temperatures. It's also outfitted with a composting toilet, shower, full-size fridge, three-burner propane stove, 46-gallon freshwater tank, 23-gallon graywater tank, two bedrooms, 16,000 BTU propane furnace, and TONS of storage. My husband and I built it in 2018 with the desire to travel, and took it cross-country and back. We lived in it for 2+ years while traveling, before moving back east to start a family. For more information on how it was built and the changes it's undergone, you can check out @bigtrucklittlehouse on Instagram. What makes this tiny home special is that it was specifically built for travel, and does not require hook-ups. It was also designed for full-time living, and provides lots of needed storage. Many tiny homes on the market have a minimalist aesthetic, which looks great, but isn't functional - at all. When transitioning to a smaller space, storage is key. We lived in this tiny house through our son's first birthday, and always had space to put things. And we always stayed warm, even in -18 degree temps! It's a truly unique tiny home, which provides the opportunity for adventure and travel! Please note this sale does not include land. It is for sale by owner, buyer responsible for securing financing, if needed. For more information or to arrange a showing, the owner can be contacted at

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