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New Tiny House for Sale!

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Tiny House on a Trailer

1 beds - 1 baths
For Sale
Built in 2021
112 sq ft
No Land

Beautiful Tiny House for Sale! Hand built by a carpenter with 25+ years experience. Simple design with room to personalize or leave and enjoy as is. Designed for comfortable living by a couple who have actually lived in a tiny house for several years. Maple countertop, open shelving, reclaimed cedar lined loft and big windows giving lots of light. Details: -16 foot new car hauler trailer, Oregon made, bought in Olympia -Wired with standard 30 amp RV hook up, receptacles throughout home (though except for the refrigerator, you could run completely off-grid/not use electric) -PEX water pipes and exterior-mounted Ecotemp L10 hot water tank with battery ignition (we used this on our first tiny house and were very happy with it--though we drained it every time we were going to get a hard could also build an insulated box if you were going to be in consistently cold winters) -Handmade rolled steel wood stove for heating with double walled chimney pipe. -Rigid Foam insulation in ceiling, R-13 Rock-Wool and R-13 Recycled fiberglass in walls, R-13 Rock-Wool in sub-floor -Bucket-style composting toilet, though room in bathroom to install RV toilet if desired -Interior walls are sheathed with either fir boards or sheet rock -Ceiling sheathed in Fir -Laminate floor with separate underlay -LP stove top, manual ignition -Metal Roof, exterior walls sheathed in a mix of metal siding or cedar clapboards -7 foot sleeping loft above kitchen area and bathroom Asking between $36,000 Email with any questions!

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Sleeping Loft
Wood Stove